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Billie gets a luxury Manicure and Pedicure
Duquessa hosted the cast and crew of Offspring as they filmed Billie enjoying a luxury manicure and pedicure as part of the season opener of Offspring.

An effective cosmetic beauty tool, anti-wrinkle injections produce marked results when applied professionally by the fully trained staff at the Duquessa Anti-Ageing Clinic.

Restrictions set by the Australian Therapeutic Goods Authority (TGA) mean that we cannot name the anti-wrinkle injectable we use, but you will certainly recognise its widely used trade name. The treatment leaves skin looking rejuvenated and refreshed so you can feel confident and secure.

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Dermal fillers are widely recognised as one of the best ways to improve the shape of your face without surgery. Dermal filler gel is injected into the problem area to reduce the wrinkle depth.


Is your skin not as firm as it used to be? If you want to effectively combat the signs of ageing or weight loss, Thermage is one of our most tried and tested skin tightening treatments.


Also known as a “Vampire Facial” or “Blood Facial”, Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) therapy is used to improve skin tone, texture and elasticity.


OmniluxTM uses a combination of pure, visible red and infra red light to stimulate the deeper skin tissue, leading to a softening of fine lines, improved skin tone and super smooth skin.


Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle technique used for the colon’s cleansing, which in turn, is beneficial to the whole body.


Some of the specific benefits people may experience include increased energy, enhanced mood, improved sleep, decreased stress and anxiety, increased immunity, hydration, and muscle recovery.


Dull, damaged, dry or lifeless skin will become revitalised and radiant after a medical peel.


Advanced holistic skin treatments, designed to nurture both your inner and external beauty for complete skin confidence.

Our knowledgeable team conducts regular training and professional development programs to ensure our cutting edge treatments are performed safely and confidently.
Gemma- Therapist
Ellen- Cosmetic Nurse
Katherine- Founder
Fiona- Skin Therapist & Colonic Hydrotherapist
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Katherine Millar-Shannon spoke with Professional Beauty about Thermage and how it can treat sagging in the the face and body.  This is the full article as it appears in Professional Beauty magazine.   Sagging eyes are a common ageing issue. What’s going on? As we age, our skin’s collagen and elastin simply break down faster than our bodies can rebuild them, causing our skin to lose elasticity. This often leads to wrinkles, and pockets of loose, sagging skin. The effects of ageing are typically more noticeable around the eyes, where skin is delicate and thin. Over time, our eyes appear to lose elasticity, begin to droop, wrinkle, and even create a heavy appearance known as “hoods” or “hooding” that make you look more tired and much older. What is a good way to tackle the issue? Thermage works on the silhouette of facial contours; it tightens and smooths the jawline, neck and under eyes through non-invasive radio frequency. The Thermage eye tip-treatment, designed to ease sagging hoods around the eyes, involves new and unique technology that, when combined with anti-wrinkle injections, results in a truly inspired overall aesthetic to the face. What is Thermage exactly? Thermage is based on Radio Frequency (RF) energy that kick-starts the body’s natural cell renewal process. A defibrillator for the dermis, of sorts, it combines heat energy to treat deep tissue and a cooling effect to protect the skin surface and optimal patient comfort. Can it treat the body too? Thermage is the most effective non-invasive way to smooth and tighten loose skin on our bodies. This amazing skin tightening treatment is suitable for non-surgical facelifts, tummy tucks, arms, hands, thighs, knees and buttocks skin tightening. It can also smooth uneven, dimpled skin on the body and temporarily reduce the appearance of cellulite. How long do results last? Visible results may be immediate, and they may appear over time in the course of your body’s natural collagen rebuilding process. For most patients, measurable results appear gradually in the two to six months following a single treatment session. Results can last years, depending on your skin condition and aging process. What do you like about the Radio Frequency treatment around the eyes? I have been satisfied with Thermage for minimal skin laxity. That is why client selection is highly critical; if you have a small quantity of extra skin, either above or below the eyes, it will tighten it from one to two millimetres or more to give you a brighter more open look around the eye area. Is there downtime? There is no real down time, it works on your body’s own collagen production, then offers gradual natural results that speak for themselves. It is also a great adjunct treatment to anti-wrinkle or dermal filler treatments, especially when treating the eye area or face. What parts of the body do you use this technology on most? I offer Thermage for the face and jaw, which is very popular, but I really drive it with the Thermage eye rejuvenation as I love the results it offers. To be able to offer a treatment for this that is non-surgical is fantastic and it really gives so many men and women a huge boost to their confidence. Thermage used to be more painful than it is now, what has changed? Like all treatments, technology has advanced and the treatment has adapted over time. While there is some pain associated with the treatment, it does offer great results. Each time the treatment device touches your skin, you’ll feel a brief cooling sensation, followed by a deep but brief heating sensation, followed by another cooling sensation. The heating sensation is a sign that the deep layers of your skin are reaching effective temperatures for collagen remodelling.
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Our own Katherine Millar-Shannon gives her advice about lip fillers and what to expect if you take the plunge for a plumper pout.  Read the article here.
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