Colonic Irrigation

Our colon was intended by nature to function a smoothly flowing sewer system to promptly flush digested wastes from the body.

Colonic hydrotherapy is a safe and gentle technique used for the colon’s cleansing, which in turn, is beneficial to the whole body. An internal cleansing of the colon, using purified water, allows an in depth removal of wastes, mucus and gases, helping the colon to a better nutrients absorption, and to re-tone and re-shape it. The water circulates throughout your colon in order to encourage and stimulate the bowel to empty itself. Waste products are then passed out of your body. It gives a sensation of lightness and clarity both physically and mentally. So can be extremely beneficial to the whole body and helps in clearing skin, improves circulation, mental clarity, enhances detoxification, better digestion and relieves from bloating and heaviness.


Will Colonic Irrigation benefit you?

If you are experiencing constipation, incomplete eliminations, or any sort of discomfort within the abdominal region then you will benefit from the cleansing affects of impacted waste matter and gas that makes us feel bloated and distended within the colon.

  • Leaves you feeling healthy and rejuvenated
  • Re shapes and re tones the colon
  • Relieves bloating and heaviness
  • Helps clear skin Improves circulation
  • Provides the perfect platform for a total detox
  • Enhances the overall body functions
  • Allows vital nutrients to be re absorbed easily

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