Medical Peels

Dull, damaged, dry or lifeless skin will become revitalised and radiant after a medical peel.


What are peels?
Medical-grade skin peels differ from standard treatment options as they contain ingredients that are chirally correct. This means that they fit into skin receptors, creating an effective result without harsh side effects or irritation.

How peels work?
Medical peels work by stimulating circulation to soften wrinkles and lines, increase cellular renewal, promote deep exfoliation, soften and remove blocked pores, such as blackheads. The peel softens dead skin cells and the oil that the skin naturally produces to help facilitate adequate hydration and penetration of its active ingredients. This works to encourage collagen stimulation in the dermis, or skin.

Which peel is for me?
From our skin visia analysis, our qualified therapists can see what the naked eye cannot. Once taking three photos of the skin through three different lights, we can decided which peel is beneficial for you.

What are the side effects?
After a chirally correct medical-strength peel, your skin may feel tight and look shiny for a few days. Light peeling may occur but you will be given support and information on how to care for your skin post treatment. Unlike more invasive cosmetic treatments, medical peels can provide a dramatic improvement in skin appearance without the risks of surgery.

Before you leave the clinic, you will be given ice packs to ease swelling and the opportunity relax in The Sanctuary, our dedicated recovery area. To mask the signs of treatment, our therapists provide a complimentary makeover using high quality mineral make-up.

We also offer post-care consultations and care packs as well as on call 24-hour support.

STRENGTHEN & BRIGHTEN Peel – Impaired skin. Our most gentle AHA.
CLARITY PEEL Peel – For breakout and acne prone skin.
SENSITIVITY & REDNESS Peel – Vit C & A feeds, protects and rebuilds.
HYDRATION Peel – Bring life and hydration back to your skin.
ULTRA RESURFACING Peel – Scar reduction, sun damage and ageing.
MATURE SKIN Peel – Smooth and soften thickened skins.