Duquessa Body Treatments are the answer to almost any question.
Body Treatments

Using techniques that pair the power of hands with aromatic mixtures created to envelop the skin with benefits. Spa Body Therapy treatments have been embraced for their revitalising and therapeutic effects to detoxify your body, de-stress your mind and revitalise your skin. Choose from:

Duquessa Detoxing Marine Body Wrap 90 min $240
Duquessa Refining Body Toner 75 mins $190
Duquessa Body Balance Salt Glow 60 mins $165
Duquessa Purifying Body Boost with Body Balance Salt Therapy 90 mins $240
Duquessa Jojoba Body Polish 60 mins $140
Duquessa Signature Massage 60 mins $140
Duquessa Signature Massage Using Sodashi Oils 60 mins $150

This truly purifying treatment begins with an invigorating body exfoliation using Sodashi Body Balance Salt Therapy that softens the skin and stimulates circulation. Sodashi’s 100% natural purifying and detoxifying mask is then applied to the whole body. With intensive drawing properties this mask stimulates the circulatory system, relieving the body of any sluggishness and congestion, and helps to remove unwanted toxins.


Add time in the Vichy Shower to your treatment or relax in our Steam  Room after your treatment to extend you bliss.

Vichy Shower 20 mins $80
Steam Room 20 mins $50