I first heard about the Vitamin Drip Facials from a make-up artist friend in New York.

Everyone’s doing them” she said. “Genius, for jet-lag.I get all my girls to do it before a big red carpet appearance”.

And by ‘girls’ she means a couple of Oscar winners and a singer with more Grammy’s than MJ.

Then Kim Kardashian snapped about her treatment before the MET Gala and suddenly salons everywhere were adding the service to their spa menus.

Curious (of course) I was drawn to the highly recommended Duquessa Clinic that combines IV Vitamin with my great love Ominlux in specialised skin treatments.

This is almost a medical treatment – not a relaxing facial. You are in and out in forty minutes, twenty of which are monitoring time.

I noticed nothing initially other than the usual boost I get from red LED but the next day my skin was noticeably plumper. Seriously so. Which I guess makes sense – hydrated skin is plump skin.

I would absolutely do this treatment if I was getting married again – for sure – or ahead of any moment where you want to look fresh fast. Great after a long haul flight (which is when I did mine) for acclimating and dusting of the grey parlour of air travel.

The jury is out on whether there are long term benefits but it most definitely delivers a quick skin fix.

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