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Duquessa Sleep Tea


Sleep Tea is a beautifully fragrant blend that works to calm a busy and restless mind for a deep and restorative sleep. Combining the calming and relaxing powers of lavender, chamomile, lemonbalm and passionflower, this tea targets both the body and the mind, provides a deeper and more restful sleep, without the groggy feeling. All tea blends are organic and caffeine free.

Key Ingredients: Chammomile, Passionflower and Lemonbalm


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TASTE – Fragrant tea led by citrusy passionflower and lemonbalm, sweetness from liquorice, smell led by lavender.

TARGETS – This tea is all about calming a busy and restless mind for a deep and restorative sleep.



–  Promotes a deeper and more restful sleep, with more restorative sleep

–  Relaxes the body and mind and brings on feeling sleepy, rather than knocking you out like a  sleeping tablet

–  Relieves anxiety and ruminating thoughts to relax the mind and fall into a deep and soothing sleep

–  Nourishes the nervous system

–  Traditionally used in insomnia

–  Mild sedative that helps assist a relaxing and rejuvenating sleep

–  Reduces anxiety and can lift mood, calming and tranquil herb

–  Sedative and gentle muscle relaxant

–  Relieves restlessness and revolving thoughts

–   Appearance and fragrance

–  Promotes relaxation and reduces stress

–  Multiple studies show chamomile to be effective in reducing anxiety

–  Mild sedative and muscle relaxant which encourages a deep and restorative sleep

–  Popular and recognizable for improving sleep

–  Strengthens tea flavour and smell

– Strengthens and improves stress response