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Radio frequency facial Good for: Tightening up slackness

Akin to a barre class for the face, neck and body, non-invasive radio frequency has can-do abilities when it comes to tightening up any slackness. Popular radio frequency treatment Thermage uses a combination of heat and cooling to help kickstart the body’s renewal process and boost collagen levels. Particularly effective at tightening up eyes that have started to hood or a jaw that has become less defined, this is a low-pain route to firmness. “Thermage is designed to cater specifically for the visible signs of ageing, such as loss of firmness and contour,” says Katherine Millar-Shannon, cosmetic nurse practitioner and founder of Duquessa Clinic in Melbourne. The best news? There is no downtime. “With Thermage, you can put on makeup and go straight back to work,” says Millar- Shannon.

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