This week I try …
a VitaLite treatment

The Duquessa VitaLite treatment is a clever combination of a vitamin infusion and Omnilux LED light therapy (you know about our fondness for the old two-in-one). So, I assume the recline position for the intravenous vitamin C drip, which is a potent antioxidant boost of 15mg of pure vitamin C delivered straight into the bloodstream. By bypassing the digestive system, the absorption rate is improved dramatically. My nurse/therapist Katherine says, “Te power of vitamin C on the skin is incredible as it helps to produce collagen, boosts skin-cell rejuvenation and allows the skin to repair and hydrate.” While this is working its magic, the soothing infra-red Omnilux light is giving my face a much-needed boost.

Pain factor Let’s face it, having a cannula inserted is never fun …

Downtime 60 minutes.

Results Post-treatment, I did feel a little woozy, but the following day, my energy levels really revved up. After a week, my skin looked more luminous, too – a big bonus at this time of year.

Where to get it the team fits between Melbourne and Sydney. Find them at Cost: from $349.