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The Sydney Morning Herald road tests Thermage Eye Treatment

Road test

This week I try … eye Thermage

The lowdown It’s been a while since my last painful procedure, so here I am with therapist Georgie, who will give a lift to my tired-looking eyes with radio frequency based Thermage. This procedure helps to tighten skin and reduce both wrinkles and eye hooding. Georgie begins by placing a grounding pad on my back. She then administers anaesthetic eye drops and places a black shield (similar to a contact lens but less comfortable) over my eyeballs. She runs the Thermage wand over my eyelids and around my orbital bone and, via my feedback, gauges how much pain I can withstand. The process is repeated on the other eye and then she switches to a larger treatment head that she runs over the area above my brows and the top of my cheeks.

Pain factor On some sensitive spots it feels like a small electric shock. Not nice.

Downtime 45 minutes.

Results The next day my lids look lifted, a result which will improve over the next six months. I can’t wait.