Thermage Face, Neck and Body

About Thermage

Designed to cater specifically for the visible signs of ageing, such as loss of firmness and contour- particularly around the jawline, neck, under the eyes and beside the mouth – Thermage is a non-invasive radio frequency (RF) cosmetic procedure that has been clinically proven to help smooth, tighten and contour skin for an overall younger looking appearance.


How do Thermage treatments Work?

Thermage is based on RF energy that kick-starts the body’s natural cell renewal process. A defibrillator for the dermis, of sorts, it combines heat energy to treat deep tissue and a cooling effect to protect the skin surface and offer optimal patient comfort.

What outcomes can you expect?

Some immediate results of Thermage are evident, but will continue to improve for up to six months, and last for years, while optimal results are achieved from yearly follow-up treatments.

Thermage can be used to treat:

  • Around the eyes
  • The Jawline
  • Neck
  • Body (arms, legs, knees, abdomen)

A consultation prior to treatment is key for the practitioner to determine whether the patient is suitable to receive thermage radio frequency treatments, the areas that need attention and the desired results of the patient. The procedure takes between 45 to 90 minutes. Side effects are rare, but potential – these include swelling and blistering.