Professional Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner (research)

Duquessa's own Katherine Millar-Shannon will be Australia's first candidate for a Doctorate Nurse Practitioner. Katherine will be undertaking this study to further build on her credentials as a leading Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner.

With over two decades experience as a nurse and midwife, Katherine Millar-Shannon (AKA the Restoration Magician) is a rarity in the Cosmetic Nursing Practitioner field: not only is she one of the few cosmetic nurses qualified to consult, prescribe and treat clients on-site*, her nurturing, patient-centred attitude has garnered intense loyalty from clients across Australia.

“Patient care and transformative, lasting results are our number one priorities, but we go the extra mile to ensure the experience is also indulgent and relaxing,” says Katherine, whose plush designer clinics in Sydney and Melbourne have attracted a loyal following among media and high profile personalities.

“We can do a puppet thread facelift or make your double chin disappear in your lunch hour. It’s life changing, gratifying work.”

Katherine is one of the few Cosmetic Nurse Practitioners in Australia performing brow lift procedures.


One of the first Cosmetic Nurse
Practitioners in Australia

Highly Commended Newcomer

Thermage Australia
Eye treatment specialist

Silhouette Thread Lift
Neck & Brow lift practitioner