Doctorate of Nurse Practitioner (research)

Duquessa’s own Katherine Millar-Shannon will be Australia’s first candidate for a Doctorate Nurse Practitioner. Katherine will be undertaking this study to further build on her credentials as a leading Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner.

When it comes to facial rejuvenation, it’s not what you do; it’s the way that you do it and Duquessa Clinic owner, Katherine Millar-Shannon approaches each and every client with a level of unsurpassed depth of knowledge and a gentle guided approach that rises above and beyond the rest.

Katherine is a Practitioner in Australia who can consult, prescribe and treat clients onsite. Katherine has a Masters of Nursing and is currently studying for her Doctorate of Nursing. This is a rarity within the skin rejuvenation realm as most in-clinic nurses are only qualified to consult and treat, but not prescribe. So Katherine is not only a widely-versed and highly skilled wealth of information, but her credentials keep her ahead of the rest resulting in a one-stop-shop each visit.

At Duquessa Clinic, Katherine meshes her aesthetic vision and expertise within an aspirational, luxe environment. Boasting expansive, yet private interiors for maximum client comfort, varied treatments to cater for external and internal rejuvenation, Duquessa truly is an oasis of international scale.

“We believe that everyone deserves the Royal Treatment, especially when it comes to your skin,” explains Katherine. “Within the walls of our sanctuary, you will be able to escape into a world of worthy indulgence.”

However, Katherine doesn’t hang her hat on the high-end luxury of her mansion style retreat, and so too her ‘skin is in’ ethos delves far deeper than simply the superficial. Within this Kew oasis, clients can focus on treatments including the hugely popular Omnilux, Thermage, Anti Wrinkle Injections, Dermal Fillers, Thread Lifts and PRP as well as invigorating and cell rejuvenating internal procedures such as IV Vitamin Infusions and B12 Vitamin Injections.

All treatments offered within Duquessa are of the highest standard. Omnilux, which compliments the skins ability to rejuvenate the skin, whilst boosting luminosity and recharging cells is a favourite. “It’s like recharging the batteries on your inner glow!” explains Katherine. Microhydrabrasion also offers increased rejuvenation and enhances plumpness of ageing complexions, whilst Thermage works on the silhouette of facial contours, tightening and smoothing the jawline, neck and under eyes through non-invasive radio frequency. “The Thermage eye tip-treatment, designed to ease sagging hoods around the eyes involves new and unique technology that, when combined with anti wrinkle injections, results in a truly inspired overall aesthetic to the face,” Katherine explains.

Katherine maintains the highest level of hands-on service and innovation by conducting regular training and professional development programs with her staff.

“We offer a holistic approach to loving and nurturing the skin you are in,” explains Katherine, ”from the first consultation through to recovery.”

“At Duquessa, we don’t ‘fight’ ageing, but nor do we surrender to it. Instead, we educate and implement the best steps to enhance and protect your natural beauty for many years to come.”

Upon entering the private treatment room a calmness encapsulates immediately whilst Katherine and her expert therapists instantly make you feel confident and cared for.

The holistic, hands-on approach is further enhanced within The Sanctuary, a calming, private area within Duquessa designed solely to provide post-treatment ‘time out’ on completion of treatments. Here you can enjoy a complimentary hair and makeup session, a refreshing herbal tea or freshly squeezed pressed juice and antioxidant snacks.

“The moment you enter our skin sanctuary, you will discover Duquessa’s welcoming and tranquil surrounds, with an elegant dose of ‘Wow’ factor that makes it so very special. Professional, yet personal. We create a tailored program based on your individual needs to give you true skin confidence,” says Katherine.


Doctoral (Candidate)
Cosmetic Nurse Practitioner


25 years treating
1000’s of patients


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