As we make a gradual return to normal life, Duquessa will be maintaining COVID-19 safety measures in the foreseeable future.

Client Screening

On the day of your appointment, we will be inquiring about your recent risk factors such as overseas travel or contact with known COVID-19 patients in the last 14 days and whether you have had any recent respiratory symptoms.

Only one person at a time will be treated in the clinic. Please do not bring anyone with you unless you require a Carer.


Social distancing applies in the waiting room with chairs spaced 1.5m apart separated by a 4msq space. Staff will be wearing surgical masks and these can also be offered to patients/clients. Staff will practice frequent hand washing or use of alcohol gel rubs.

There will be a regular wipe down of contact surface areas such as counter-tops, door handles, seats and examination couch with disinfectant eg 70% alcohol or 0.1% sodium hypochlorite to ensure continual cleanliness.

Treatment Procedures

Our policy is to assume that all clients/ patients may carry the virus and to adopt universal precautions.

Antiseptic skin wash such as 70% alcohol or 0.05-0.1% chlorhexidine will inactivate the coronavirus so this will be used prior to cosmetic procedures such as injectables and non-ablative devices such as lasers and IPL.

Practitioners will wear surgical mask and gloves and patients needing eye protection will be provided with disposables or reusable goggles that are cleaned after each patient (70% isopropyl- or ethyl-alcohol or 0.05-0.1% chlorhexidine).

Hair caps are useful to minimise contact of hair with reusable goggle straps. After each procedure, we will wipe down devices, probes, bed, eye shields and other contact surfaces with disinfectant (eg 70% alcohol or 0.05-0.1% chlorhexidine).

We will also be regularly wiping down the iPad keyboard before and after entering notes.

Device care

After each procedure, we will clean the device with a 70% alcohol-based solution to contact areas such as touch screen, handpiece and device cable.