Lipodissolve is a nonsurgical method of body contouring as an alternative to minor liposuction. The main component of Lipodissolve is Phosphatidylcholine, which is a natural compound produced from the soya bean. The body uses the same substance in a number of chemical pathways, including fat metabolism.
If you have pockets or areas of stubborn fat that is concentrated particularly in areas such as double chin, abdomen, pecks, “love handles”, thighs and legs can benefit from Lipodissolve.
Fat dissolving treatments are not regarded as a new miracle for weight loss. However, in the case of fat deposits which cannot easily be removed by diet or exercise, Lipodissolve may assist the natural metabolic process during which fat is melted away and then eliminated from the body. This is achieved by the treatment being directly injected into the area of concern.
To ensure a smooth reduction of the fat deposit, it is important to achieve the necessary concentration of phosphatidylcholine in every part of the treated area. At the time of consultation your practitioner will discuss the required dosage per area.

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