Cosmetic nurse practitioner Katherine Millar-Shannon (left), owner of Duquessa Skin Sanctuary in Melbourne and Sydney, talks to SPA+CLINIC about the Puppet Lift.

S+C: Does the Puppet Lift differ from thread lifts available over the past decade?

KMS: The Silhouette Soft facial threads I use are a minimally invasive solution and a great option for patients for whom a facelift surgery is not their preferred approach.

There have been several different suture [thread] lifts in the past that may have been taken off the market due to complications.

Silhouette Soft differs in that the material is resorbable and the suture material stimulates collagen. One of the main materials used in the Silhouette Soft is the main active ingredient in Sculptra*, which is commonly used by advanced injectors for facial rejuvenation and collagen stimulation.


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