The Beauty Insider takes us through some cosmetic makeovers that can be achieved without Cosmetic Surgery. Read the full story here.

Whoah! Boosting your lip volume is a quick and easy to give yourself a whole new look and yet – it can be 100 per cent subtle. You can have a minimal amount of filler injected and nobody will ever be the wiser – what they will notice is that you look more youthful, fresh and yes, okay, we’ll say it, sexy.

Dermal Fillers are injected into the lips in tiny amounts with a very fine needle. Local anaesthetic cream or dental blocks may be administered for increased comfort. It’s not fun but it’s fast and the results are phenomenal. Again, ensure you see someone who specialises in this area, has solid qualifications, is well respected in the field and (this is an important one), is known for providing a natural look. The gorgeous pout above was created by Katherine Millar-Shannon of Duquessa Clinic. See more about our Lip Fillers.