What is Laser Leg Vein Clearance?

Visible spider and reticular leg veins are common as we age and these are often removed through surgery. With Duquessa’s laser vein treatment, you can be free from unsightly leg veins without the risks associated with surgical removal, including scarring, potential infection and lengthy recovery times.

How Laser Leg Vein Clearance works

Using Palomar technology, a 1064nm wavelength laser sends pulses of energy into the blood. As the haemoglobin in the blood is heated, coagulation takes place in the connected vessels, allowing the vein to disappear from the skin surface.

Benefits of Laser Leg Vein Clearance

This patented laser technology rids your skin surface of purple and red leg veins with no incision and minimal discomfort. This quick and easy procedure allows you to enjoy more youthful looking legs without the stress of surgery.

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