What to Expect

The treated follicles have been heated, the area may become red and possibly swell for 1-3 days.
Swelling results from heat, not infection, and is therefore normal and expected.
Some hairs will appear ‘shrivelled’ and others may appear unaffected. This does not mean the treatment has not been
successful as the Diode Laser generally treats the hair below the skin surface. Damage to hair occurs deeper than some other lasers,
which enhances treatment safety and efficacy. You may notice ‘dead’ hair surfacing for 2-3 weeks after treatment.
Although this may appear to be new growth, it is generally not. This process is called purging or shedding and will take time to complete.
You should wipe away these hairs with a damp cloth or loofah once the sensitivity of treated area resolves.
Start this exfoliating process 1 week after treatment, but no earlier. This can occasionally form in some spots. This does not mean infection and does not mean the area will scar.
Do NOT pick at the crusting.

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