Duquessa Skin Sanctuary is now offering Skin Tightening treatments with the Accent machine.
Frequently Asked Questions
1. What is XRF Treatment for skin tightening?
It’s controlled radio frequency waves which heats the underlying tissues of the skin causing a contraction of elastin fibres and an increase in collagen. It has a 70% tightening action
2. What is XRF treatment for fat removal?
Again safe controlled radio waves heat the deeper tissue causing the melting of fat cells, and a contraction of elastin fibres and an increase of collagen. It has a 70% tightening action.
3. How many treatments do I need?
A minimum of 4-6 treatments is required approximately 2-4 weeks apart
4. Is it a one off treatment?
No you may require top up treatments every 6-12 months
5. What areas can XRF be used?
Loose pockets of skin, fat and cellulite…. Saggy knees, flabby arms, sagging bottoms, loose facial jowls, loose elbow, knee skin and also skin resurfacing.
6. How much does the treatment cost?
An area is about an A4 size and costs approximately from $299 for the full face or the neck area is from $499 per treatment
7. Does it hurt?
It can be uncomfortable and the area will appear red for some hours post treatment. This should subside relatively quickly
8. What are the side effects?
Additional side effects are very uncommon.
9. How long does the treatment take?
Depending on the area anywhere from 30-60 minutes

If you would like an appointment on this treatment or any other skin treatment please call Duquessa’s bookings office in Carlton North on 03 9388 9500 or email info@duquessa.com.au